The company’s origins go back to 1984 when Mr. Andreas Papanicolaou was an established independent contractor who through his development in 1991 created the Construction Company A. Papanicolaou Ltd as it is know today.Since its foundation the firm A. Papanicolaou Ltd has been operating in construction industry and managed to become synonymous with quality, innovation, personal service and reliability.

Our knowledge of the local market, extensive technical experience and creativity in the construction industry has been a strong contributory factor for a constant improvement and expansion.

The company holds contractor’s license ‘B’, according to the Cypriot Legislation of the Registration and Control of Contractor, which allows the company to undertake and operate in a wide range of projects. This allows the company to target and bid for the construction of a vast range of projects.


Building Projects:

  • Residential Units
  • Hotels
  • Office Units/Shops
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Educational Buildings (Schools, Universities)
  • Renovations Projects
  • Maintenance Work

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